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Synthetics or no Synthetics in Skincare

A little piece on clean vs. chemical in skincare. Nature gives us some amazing tools to work with and we should value those things. But, just because we love extracts and plant oils, it doesn’t mean synthetic “chemicals” are on a mission to poison us slowly through our skin. However, They’re ALL chemicals. Everything. If your skincare doesn’t contain chemicals, then it does not exist. It’s not even tangible matter. we are all different. We have different preferences and needs and that's the beauty of it. Synthetic things made in a lab come with many benefits, : stable and repeatable, you can be confident in the effect they’ll have on skin. They can support functionality and shelf life of plant materials. Also, lab-made nature-identical things can help us avoid over-harvesting and messing with fragile ecosystems. Love plant-derived ingredients? Amazing. Prefer well-studied synthetics? Cool. We happen to think they’re better together. What about you?